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Even though Japan is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to energy consumption, energy self-sufficiency is only a few percent.
●Electrification : the change to electricity from resources like gasoline and gas.
●Decentralization : the way to supply stable and efficiently.
●Renewables : one of the ways to stop climate change, and conserve our environment.
“Energy is something to use constantly”, that’s a phrase from the past,
an expansive revolution, evolution, development (battery・generator) is on the horizon.
To link together energy and Japan, electricity and livelihood, ideal and reality, to become a helpful source.
To create new values by multiplying the view point of Japan, Japonism,
with the view point of the world, Cosmopolitanism.
Goal connect with its own experience in visualization and system development,
are creating innovations for a resource circular society,
by connecting the goals of businesses with the view point of energy.


SERVICE What We are Creating


We support a new structure and value system
by aggregating and connecting resources

The current trends show that it is time to reconstruct the old structures
and systems in all kinds of fields in order to meet the needs of the changes of the new era.
Electric power, that is indispensable not only in businesses, but in all areas of our lives,
is approaching a crossroad that will determine our future.
Goal connect aims to be a driving force in order to connect business
to achieve their goals that were impossible to reach so far,
by making use of its experiences and management skills in the electricity business.





Studied architecture in university which lead him to think about becoming a bridge
between architecture and electric power,engaged in the business of distributed energy resources
by dealing with industrial and business oriented power generators like co-generators, etc.
Also having been involved in operation improvement solutions,had ideas regarding the use of
energy data in energy management (BEMS) involving multiply resources,the adjustment and control of power.
Now running businesses in electricity retailing.



|Goal connect Co.,Ltd.
|MAST LIFE NISHISHINBASHI BLDG. 202, 3-6-10 Nishishimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0003, Japan MAP
|Akira Oshita
|12th, Dec, 2018
Core Activities
|●Projects related to virtual power plants
●Support of aggregation coordinators or resource aggregators
●Solution development regarding energy sharing
Group Company
|Global Engineering Co.,Ltd.


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Specific personal information means the personal information that contains the individual number of the disclosing party.

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